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Little Ole Me

Wow! This feels good!  My fingers are excited to be back on the keys blogging again.  I thought I wouldn’t ever step back into the arena but it was just a matter of losing myself.  I took some time off but I really wanted to come back. 

In my previous ‘life’ I was living and roaming around a huge palace.  I had all this pressure to be witty and great and grand.  My family was being hounded by the paparazzi and it all got to be to much for me.  I disappeared and became this character.  My thought process got sucked up in pleasing instead of just being me. 

So I packed it all up and put it in storage along with all my other memoirs.  I really needed to get back inside my own head to make this work.  Being a wayward ‘lamb, from the land of Mariah – She presented me with yet another perfect description of where I was at – so here I am. 

This time not so much today I woke up and a lot more of the ramblings inside my head.  Things will be coming quick fast and random.  I won’t let this one get away from me or into the hands that cover my eyes and make me censor myself.  My images will not be so free flowing.  This will be my weekend vacation home of sorts.  There are no limits on how many times I visit – somedays it will be several times, some days it will be none. This ride should be interesting for everyone involved.

I’m just going to be here, like alot of what I do – some of my rooms in my life will all blend in seamlessly but sometimes what is here won’t be what is there.  That doesn’t mean I am duplicious, it just means I am…GEMINI.

Welcome as I try to earn me some wings cause this angel here… like a chicken – the will to fly is there but dammit I just can’t get off the ground!


About Pamela

Lover of MJ, Mother of College Girl, Atlanta living participant of the bigger picture. Always ready for my closeup.

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